Essential works to be done in horticulture crops in the month of March

 Special attention should be paid to seed vegetables by farmers. Farmers should keep monitoring of chepa in vegetables. If the crop is affected by chepa, then to control it, mix 25 ml of imedacloprid per liter of water and spray it when the sky is clear. Do not harvest ripe fruits immediately after spraying. Pluck ripe fruits at least 1 week later.

1. Sowing of pumpkin vegetables is also done in this month. Pumpkin vegetables like cucumber, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, zucchini, chappan pumpkin, petha, watermelon and muskmelon. All these vegetables also have different varieties.

Cucumber - Japanese Long Green, Pusa Uday, Poinsett and Pusa Combination.

Gourd - Pusa Sandesh, Pusa Hybrid, Pusa Naveen, Pusa Samriddhi, Pusa Santushti and PSPL.

Bitter gourd - Pusa two seasonal, Pusa special Pusa hybrid.

Smooth zucchini - Pusa Sneha, Pusa Supriya.

Chappan Pumpkin - Australian Green, Patty Penn, Pusa Alankar.

Muskmelon - Green honey, Punjab golden, Durgapura honey, Lucknow Safeda and Punjab hybrid.

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2. Sowing of ladyfinger and cowpea is also done at this time. Varieties like A-4 and Parbhani Kranti can be adopted for early sowing of bhindi. Improved varieties of cowpea like Pusa Komal, Pusa Sukomal and Pusa Faguni can be sown. For seed treatment of both crops, treat 1 kg of seed with 2 grams of thiram or captan.

3. At this time, lightly irrigate the onion crop. Do not use any manure and fertilizer at this stage of onion crop. Fertilizer will only increase the vegetative part of the onion and not the onion, its lump growth is less. Constant monitoring of thrips invasion. In case of thrips insect, spray 2 grams of Carbaryl in 4 liters of water mixed with 1 gram quantity of any adhesive substance like Tipol. But while spraying, keep in mind that the weather should be clear.

4. This month is good for sowing radish in the summer season. The temperature is also favorable for direct sowing of radish. The germination of seeds is good in this season. Seeds for sowing radish should be obtained from a certified source.

5. Garlic crop may also be attacked by bloch disease or pests at this time. To avoid this, mix 2 grams of mancozeb with 1 gram of Tipol etc.

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6. To control the pod borer pest in brinjal crop in this season, the farmer should collect and burn the plants affected by this pest. If the outbreak of this pest is high, then mix 1 ml spinosad in 4 liters of water and spray it. This remedy can be done to control pod borer pests in tomato cultivation.


Do not use any kind of pesticide in mango cultivation in this month. But in case of excessive outbreak of mango maggot, 0.5% monocrotophos solution can be sprayed. In general, 0.5% Dinocap solution can be sprayed in case of outbreak of Kharra disease.

 Irrigate if there is a lack of moisture in fruits like grapes, peaches and plums. Also, transplant the prepared seedlings of marigold keeping in mind the weather. Before transplanting marigold, add the appropriate amount of manure to the field. Transplant marigold only when there is proper moisture in the field. Do not allow weeds to grow in the field. From time to time, the field should be sprayed, hoeed.