Complete information about the hollyhock plant

The hollyhock plant is a type of flower whose scientific name is Alcea rosea. This flower is about 5-6 feet high. This flower is famous for its colorful flowers and its enchanting power. This flower is mostly used to enhance the beauty of botanical gardens, gardens, and drinking water. 

Hollyhock is a beautiful flowering plant of Europe and Asia, it is also known by the names Mallika and Gulkhaira. The leaves of this flower are white and green, which are heart-shaped. Many medicinal properties are also found in these flowers. Hollyhock is a very important plant, which is also commonly used to enhance the beauty of the garden. 

How to cultivate hollyhock?

Hollyhock is mostly cultivated to enhance the beauty of gardens and balconies. In this, first of all, check the seeds and select the best seed. Sandy soil is required for good cultivation of hollyhock. After that sow the seeds at equal distance, after that cover the seeds properly with soil. 

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This flower is mostly grown in dry and tropical places. Hollyhock plant also requires proper sunlight for good growth. 

What are the types of hollyhock flowers?

There are many types of hollyhock flowers and all of them have their distinct characteristics. These flowers are also found different on the basis of color. The main types of hollyhock flowers are Multicolor hollyhock, Messenger hollyhock, Elegance hollyhock, and Alswich hollyhock. These flowers are very beautiful and attractive. 

Where is the hollyhock plant found? 

The hollyhock plant is found all over the world because this plant is famous for its beauty. This flower is mostly found in dry areas. It is a botanical species, which is also known as Hibiscus. This flower is produced in many states of India like Jharkhand, Orissa, and Chhattisgarh. But this flower is mostly found in Eastern India. The hollyhock plant is also quite tall with large leaves and flowers. 

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Hollyhock Plant Care 

After sowing, the plant is taken good care of. In this, water and fertilizer are also given on time, so that the plant can grow well. Proper fertilizer should be used in the soil before sowing and also after sowing. Water the plant regularly so that the fertility of the soil is maintained. With proper care of the plant, the plant will provide beautiful flowers for a long time. Weeding of the plant should also be done on time so that the plant can develop well. 

Main medicinal properties of the hollyhock plant 

The hollyhock plant is also used in many diseases. The hollyhock plant also has many medicinal properties. We use it in case of dizziness, or heart disease and also to get rid of diseases like cough.

1- The hollyhock plant is also used for dry skin. Besides, it is also used for skin treatment. It is an invaluable plant which is used in many things.

2-An element called glucoside is also found in the hollyhock plant, which helps in maintaining balanced blood pressure inside the body. Besides, it also proves helpful in removing anemia from the body.