Farmers can earn good profits by growing these improved varieties of cauliflower.

Farmers can achieve better production in any season through improved varieties of cauliflower. Farmers can earn a good yield by cultivating it. Let us tell you that for good production, some important things related to organic fertilizers and farming should be kept in mind. Through cauliflower cultivation, farmers can earn good profits in a short time. Maybe you are aware that farmers can cultivate cauliflower in any season. Also, people use cauliflower to prepare vegetables, soups and pickles etc. Because along with the amount of Vitamin-B in this vegetable, much more protein is also found in cauliflower. For this reason, its demand always remains in the market. At present the price of cauliflower in Delhi ranges from Rs 60 to Rs 100 per kg. Also, cool and humid climate is necessary for the cultivation of cauliflower. For your information, let us tell you that cauliflower crop is most prone to disease. For its protection, the seeds must be treated with fungicides recommended by agricultural scientists before sowing.

Early, late and medium varieties of cauliflower

Scientists at ICAR, Pusa have developed some of the best varieties to help farmers get good yield from cauliflower cultivation in any season, which include Pusa Ashwini, Pusa Meghna, Pusa Kartik and Pusa Kartik Shankar etc. 

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Other early varieties of cauliflower include - Pusa Dipali, Early Kuwari, Early Patna, Pant Gobi-2, Pant Gobi-3, Pusa Kartik, Pusa Early Synthetic, Patna Early, Selexan 327 and Selexan 328 etc. Apart from this, late varieties of cauliflower include – Pusa Snowball-1, Pusa Snowball-2, Pusa Snowball-16 etc. Medium varieties of cauliflower include - Pusa Synthetic, Pant Subhra, Pusa Subhra, Pusa Aghani Uyer, Pusa Snowball etc.

The important things for the cultivation of cauliflower are as follows

For cauliflower cultivation, first level the field so that the soil becomes plowable.

Then you plow twice with a soil turning plough. 

After this, run the cultivator twice in the field. 

After every ploughing, make sure to rake.

The PH value of soil should be between 5.5 to 7. 

Sandy loam soil and clay loam soil with excellent drainage are considered suitable for the cultivation of cauliflower.

Let us tell you that the soil which has high amount of organic fertilizer is very good for the production of cauliflower.