This tractor of Kartar company is the king of transportation and ploughing.

Tractors are in high demand among farmers. Tractors make it easier for farmers to do all of their agricultural tasks. Kartar Company is also a well-known name in the Indian agricultural industry, with farmers praising the company's tractors for their power and performance. Kartar tractors are designed to be fuel efficient, allowing them to perform more work in less time. If you want to acquire a strong tractor for farming, the Kartar 5136 tractor is an excellent choice. This tractor from the firm has a 3120 cc engine that generates 50 HP @ 2200 RPM.

What are the specifications of Kartar 5136?

The Kartar 5136 tractor features a water-cooled engine with three cylinders and a size of 3120 cc, producing 50 horsepower. The company's tractor has a maximum torque of 188 Nm. This Kartar tractor features dry-type air filters. The company's tractor has a maximum PTO power of 43.38 HP and an engine that generates 2200 RPM. This Kartar tractor has a 55-litre gasoline tank that allows you to undertake agricultural work for an extended period of time with a single refuelling.

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The lifting capability of the Kartar 5136 tractor is 1800 kg, but its gross weight is 2080 kg. The business built this tractor with a 2150 MM wheelbase, 3765 MM length, and 1868 MM width.

Features of Kartar 5136

This Kartar 5136 tractor from Kartar is equipped with Power Steering, allowing for smooth and pleasant driving even in the fields. This company's tractor is equipped with a gearbox with 8 forward and two reverse speeds. The highest forward speed of this Kartar tractor is 33.27 kmph, while the reverse speed is 14.51 kmph. This company's tractor features a dual clutch and a partial constant mesh gearbox.

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This Kartar tractor is equipped with Oil Immersed type brakes, which provide good traction on the tyres even on slick surfaces. The Kartar 5136 tractor has a two-wheel drive with 7.50 X 16 front tyres and 14.9 X 28 rear tyres.

Prices of Kartar 5136

In the Indian market, Kartar has maintained the price of this tractor low enough for farmers to purchase it without difficulty. The ex-showroom pricing of the Kartar 5136 tractor is between Rs 7.40 lakh and Rs 8.00 lakh. The on-road price of this Kartar tractor may vary depending on the RTO registration and road tax imposed in each state. The Kartar 5136 Tractor comes with a 2000-hour or two-year guarantee.