Information related to MNREGA Cattle Shed Scheme and application for it

After farming, animal husbandry is the second largest business for farmers. Many farmers like to do animal husbandry with farming, because animal husbandry is a very profitable deal with farming. More and more green and dry fodder for animals is obtained from farming. This is the reason that the government also brings various good schemes for livestock farmers, so that livestock farmers can be benefited as much as possible. Agriculture is the main means of income of the farmer, through which most of the livestock farmers of India can also meet the requirements.

Most farmers are unable to build houses for cattle due to weak economic conditions. Animals generally suffer in cold weather. Because the need for the house is the most during the winter. To protect animals from rain and cold, it is necessary to build sheds for animals. The government is providing a grant of Rs 1 lakh 60 thousand to the farmers to build sheds or houses for animals.

How much benefit will you get

MNREGA cattle shed scheme will provide wide scale benefits to farmers. Significantly, farmers have to face shortage of milk in milch animals in general during the cold season. Actually, the main reason for this is the lack of proper house or shed for animals in the cold season. Under the MNREGA cattle shed scheme, subsidy is provided by the government to the farmers on the construction of houses for animals. This will ensure proper care of the animals. Urinal tanks etc. can also be arranged in the shed. This will not only take care of the animals but will also increase the income of the farmers. Also, the standard of living of farmers will improve.

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MNREGA Cattle Shed Scheme

This grant is provided to livestock farmers on building houses for animals. This scheme provides funds to build houses to save animals from cold or rain. By building a house for animals, farmers will be able to take care of their animals and will also be able to increase the milking capacity of the animal. MNREGA cattle shed scheme will provide comprehensive benefits to farmers.

How much benefit does MNREGA cattle shed get

Under the MNREGA cattle shed scheme, farmers are given a grant of Rs 1 lakh 60 thousand for building cattle sheds. The benefit of this scheme is given to the farmers through the bank. The money received from this scheme is in a way a loan for the farmers whose interest rate is very low.

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Who will get the benefit under the scheme

Some of the eligibility conditions for the benefit under MNREGA Cattle Shed Scheme are as follows.

The benefit of this scheme will be provided only to Indian farmers. The number of animals must be at least 3 or more.

Mandatory Documents for the Scheme

It is mandatory to have some necessary documents to apply in this scheme to build houses for animals. Such as – Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Farmer Registration, Bank Passbook, Mobile Number, Email ID (if any)

Procedure to apply for the scheme

To get a grant in the scheme to build a house for animals, contact the nearest government bank branch. SBI provides loans under this scheme. Fill the application form in the branch itself and submit it. In this way, the benefit of this scheme will be received by the farmers.