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This tractor of Sonalika is amazing in the Indian tractor industry.

This tractor of Sonalika is amazing in the Indian tractor industry.

Sonalika Company is a well-known name in the Indian tractor business. The firm is well-known for producing low-cost, high-performance agricultural tractors. Sonalika tractors are built with fuel-efficient technologies to help farmers fulfil their chores with little fuel use. If you want to acquire a strong tractor for farming, the Sonalika WT 60 tractor is an excellent choice. This Sonalika tractor has a strong engine that generates 60 HP @ 2200 RPM.

What are the specifications of the Sonalika WT 60?

The Sonalika WT 60 tractor features a strong four-cylinder engine that provides 230 NM torque and 60 HP power. This company's tractor is equipped with a Dry Type with Pre Cleaner air filter. This Sonalika tractor has a maximum PTO power of 51 horsepower and an engine that generates 2200 RPM. This company's tractor features a 62-litre gasoline tank. The rated lifting capability of the Sonalika WT 60 tractor is 2500 kg. The manufacturer designed this tractor with a particularly sturdy wheelbase that keeps the tractor balanced even under high loads.

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What are the features of the Sonalika WT 60?

You can notice power steering in the Sonalika WT 60 tractor. This tractor from the firm has a gearbox with 12 forward and 12 reverse gears. This Sonalika tractor has a double clutch and a synchromesh gearbox. This company's tractor is equipped with Oil Immersed Brakes, which ensure exceptional tyre traction even on slick surfaces. Sonalika WT 60 tractor with 2WD drive. Comes with 9.5 x 24 front and 16.9 x 28 rear tyres.

What is the price of Sonalika WT 60?

Sonalika WT 60 tractor prices in India have been fixed between Rs 8.85 lakh and Rs 9.21 lakh. The on-road price of this Sonalika WT 60 tractor may vary depending on the RTO registration and road tax imposed in each state. The Sonalika WT 60 Tractor comes with a 2000-hour or two-year guarantee.

ITL has launched a new series of Sonalika tractors.

ITL has launched a new series of Sonalika tractors.

During the exciting launch event, Mr. Rahul Mittal, Executive Director of ITL, shared his thoughts by saying, "We have discovered a winning formula by combining European style and Japanese quality with Indian manufacturing costs. The secret ingredient in this formula is our consistent growth mindset and the largest network of channel partners. We are big dreamers willing to face new challenges and innovate. This formula is shaking up the global tractor industry. We aim to assist farmers across the world in enhancing their productivity and transforming their lives through innovation."

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Mr. Gaurav Saxena, Director and CEO of International Business at ITL, stated, "At International Tractors Limited, we believe in a global commitment to the farming community that transcends boundaries and truly values the prosperity of our customers. Our new product offerings are designed to shape the future of farming. We regularly introduce new tractors or upgrade our product portfolio based on market feedback. For the last four years, we have been the number one export brand from India and ranked number one in 14 countries in the addressable segment. These five new tractor ranges will allow us to strengthen our position in the world markets, serve a wider range of customers, and enter new territories in different markets with the support of our largest network of over 3000 dealers."

International Tractors Limited is the number one tractor brand in 15+ countries, including France, Finland, Czech Republic, Nepal, Myanmar, Algeria, Hungary, Portugal, Iceland, Germany, and many others in the addressable segment. It is a leading Indian company that exports tractors equipped with advanced technology in the 16-125 HP segment to more than 150 countries worldwide. The company has grown significantly over the last few years, with its market share being 28% in FY2023, which increased to 36% in H1FY2024.

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International Tractors Limited is India's number-one tractor export brand. Established in 1996, it is also the third-largest tractor manufacturer in the country and proudly stands among the top five tractor manufacturers globally. The company produces tractors under two brand names – Sonalika and Solis.

As the number one tractor exporter from India, ITL is proudly associated with 2.5 lakh customers in markets outside India, an accurate indication of the high acceptability of an Indian brand across the globe. It is the number one brand in the addressable industry in over 15 countries, including both developed and developing countries such as Germany, Finland, Portugal, Iceland, Czech Republic, Myanmar, Nepal, and Bangladesh. The company had over 28% market share in exports in FY23, which has increased to 36% in H1FY24, which means every third tractor exported from India is manufactured at ITL.

ITL has a presence in all European countries. Additionally, its tractors are successfully operated by more than thousands of satisfied customers in diverse European conditions. ITL has also established a spare parts center in Germany with the help of Yanmar. It caters to the needs of customers in Europe to provide better service and overall customer satisfaction.

Sonalika Solis SV 26: Learn about the price and characteristics of Sonalika Solis SV 26

Sonalika Solis SV 26: Learn about the price and characteristics of Sonalika Solis SV 26

The tractor proves to be a spinal cord for agriculture and farmers in today's time. Sonalika Company has launched its electric tractor in the market. Sonalika SV26 tractor has been made by keeping the needs of farmers at the centre. This tractor comes with various leading features, which makes farming easier as well as reduces expenses. Electric vehicles in the Indian market are making their own place in the entire segment. Currently in the tractor category, battery -operated tractors have been launched by many big companies.One of these Sonalika Companies has also presented its own electric tractor in the market. Keeping the needs of farmers, Sonalika Solis SV 26 tractor has been prepared. For your information,  Solis Tractor is the global tractor brand of International Tractor Limited, which is also known as Sonalika Tractors in India. If we talk about the battery available in this electric tractor, then it has also been provided with a very large battery and ability to lift more weight.

What are the features of Sonalika Solis SV 26

Inside the Sonalika Company's Sonalika Solis SV 26 tractor, you have been provided with a 326 AH battery, which comes with a power of 17 kW. Actually, it contains a powerful motor, which makes it sufficient to do all the functions of its agriculture. This electric tractor can be taken into work for about 7 to 8 hours in the signal charge.

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 inside this SV series tractor, you are provided with Redail Agri, Agri, Turf, Industrial and Galaxy type tires. This solace tractor generates 2100 rpm from the motor. Sonalika Company has kept a very attractive design of this electric tractor, in its front you get to see 4 LED lamps. LED lamps are also seen in its rear. With this electric tractor you can lift up to 750 kg.

How much is the price of Sonalika Solis SV 26 in the market

Sonalika Company has not unveiled its Sonalika Solis SV 26 tractor even today in the Indian market. As soon as the company unveiled this tractor in India, the price of tractors of this Solis company was first determined between 4.70 lakh and 9.49 lakh rupees. More than 30 models are available in the market of Solis Company.

Sonalika kicks off 2024 with its biggest ever range of 10 new 'Tiger' heavy duty tractors in 40-75 HP; 'Designed in Europe' No. 1 tractor export series now available for Indian farmers too

Sonalika kicks off 2024 with its biggest ever range of 10 new 'Tiger' heavy duty tractors in 40-75 HP; 'Designed in Europe' No. 1 tractor export series now available for Indian farmers too

With the latest launch of 10 new 'Tiger' tractors in 40-75 HP, the company has introduced 5 new powerful and fuel efficient engines, 5 new multi-speed transmissions and 3 new 5G hydraulics, enabling farmers to adapt to any type of tractor. No compromise (zero compromise range). 'Designed in Europe' is the latest technology in this tractor range which has played a key role in Sonalika achieving the No. 1 position in the tractor export market. The new range offers a host of options allowing farmers to choose the best tractor as per their farm and business requirements.

New Delhi, February 8, 2024: Sonalika Tractors, the No. 1 brand in tractor exports from India, strongly believes in enhancing the performance of farmers with its heavy duty tractors and their powerful and fuel efficient engines. In the year 2024, the company has introduced its best product series in India and is excited to launch the largest range of 10 new 'Tiger' heavy duty tractors in the 40 - 75 HP segment. 'Designed in Europe' In this latest range, Sonalika has introduced 5 new engine options which include the best and biggest engines in the industry (CRDS and HDM+), 5 different multi-speeds for different farming operations. transmission and includes 3 different advanced and intelligent 5G hydraulics with over 140+ auto settings available. Proper use of heavy duty engine will provide the best performance for farmers as it also offers zero RPM drop resulting in best in class fuel cost and savings. With Sonalika's new range, farmers will not have to make any compromise while purchasing tractors (Zero Compromise), further strengthening the company's position as the 'Pride of India’ 

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The 10 new 'Tiger' tractors launched include 6 tractors with Heavy Duty Mileage (HDM+) engines - Tiger DI 42 Power Plus, Tiger DI 745, Tiger DI 47, Tiger DI 50, Tiger DI 55 III, Tiger DI 60 Torque Plus and each of these tractors is equipped with HDM+ optimized rated RPM engine, delivering more power and torque throughout the operating range and increasing fuel economy. Along with this, the company has also launched the industry's largest 4 cylinder 4,712 cc engine with CRDS technology in 4 tractors – Tiger DI 55 CRDS, Tiger DI 60 CRDS, Tiger DI 65C. RDS and Tiger DI 75 CR RDS. The advanced CRDS technology is environment friendly and offers 3 multi-modes (Power, Normal and Saving) to maximize farmers' productivity. Overall, the entire new range of Sonalika Tiger tractors offers many advanced features for farmers such as 2,000-2500 kg lift capacity with 5G hydraulics and multi-speed transmissions like 40-speed, 24-speed, 20-speed, 15 -speed and 10-speed. Fully equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, the new Sonalika Tiger tractor range is customized to operate various farm implements and meet all agricultural and commercial requirements.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Amrit Sagar Mittal, Vice Chairman, International Tractors Limited, said, “Farming in India is full of choices and farmers often compromise their choice of tractor at the cost of essential features. Our new range promises 'Zero Compromise Tractor Range' to Indian farmers as we announce Tiger Series now as No. 1 Tractor Export Series.

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Sharing his views, Mr. Raman Mittal, Joint Managing Director, International Tractors Limited, said, “We feel very excited and energetic to launch in India the largest range of 10 new advanced ‘Tiger’ tractors in 40-75 HP. are doing. Being well aware of the requirements of Indian farmers and their regional diversity, we have incorporated all our engineering capabilities and come up with tractors made with the best international technology. We have completely optimized the new range with the most powerful and fuel efficient engine and multi-speed transmission supported by advanced 5G hydraulics to suit every type of application requirements by redefining power, performance and mileage.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Vivek Goyal, President and Chief, Sonalika Tractors, said, “India is a diverse market where the demand for advanced tractors and new technologies to enhance farm mechanization is continuously increasing. Our largest new range of Tiger tractors in 40-75HP is designed to help farmers maximize their productivity from their existing farming landscape and the new tractor range also becomes the largest 4WD tractor range in the industry. Our new state-of-the-art launches have set the path for us for 2024 and we will continue to make such revolutionary changes in our heavy duty tractor range committed to the prosperity and growth of Indian farmers.

Gold-silver coin will be available on buying a tractor of Sonalika Company

Gold-silver coin will be available on buying a tractor of Sonalika Company

If you are currently thinking about buying the tractor of Sonalika Company, then buy a tractor of Sonalika Company before Diwali. Because, on behalf of this company, farmers will be provided about 5 grams of gold coin and 50 grams or 25 grams of silver coin on purchasing tractors. If you plan to buy a tractor in November, then Sonalika Company has brought a special offer for you. In fact, tractor manufacturer Sonalika Company has provided a golden opportunity to win gold and silver to those who buy tractors on the occasion of Diwali. On this occasion, farmers of India will be provided about 5 grams of gold coin and 50 grams or 25 grams of silver coin to buy Sonalika tractor. This offer of gold and silver coins will be available to the farmers through lucky draws. According to the information received, this offer is from November 1 to November 19, 2023, on the tractors buying.

Sonalika Company's great offer for farmers

Through the tractor manufacturer Sonalika Company, only a few farmers will offer the gold-silver coin offer. For this offer, only seven farmers will be selected by the company. The benefit of this occasion will be given to the farmers who have bought the tractors of Sonalika Company from November 1 to November 19. It is being said that in this scheme of the company, the name of farmers will be announced on different dates through different dealerships.

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In this way gold and silver coin will be achieved

Sonalika Company's gold and silver offer will be given to farmers in this way. The first lucky winner will be provided 5 grams of gold coin, 50 grams of silver coin to the second lucky winner, 25 grams of silver coin to the third lucky winner and 10-10 grams silver coin to the remaining four farmers. Apart from this, various farmers are also expected to get dinner sets, LED TV, mobile phones and mixer grinders in gifts through this offer. Farmers can achieve any information related to this magnificent offer of Sonalika Tractor Company from the dealership of Sonalika tractor.

Sonalika Tractors are leading globally and making India proud with their exceptional quality and innovation.

Sonalika Tractors are leading globally and making India proud with their exceptional quality and innovation.

India's tractor market is the largest in the world, accounting for over 40% of all tractors sold globally. Sonalika tractors have been leading India's growth story in the world tractor market and currently hold the top position as the tractor export brand from India, with a market share of 28.2% (TMA FY'23). In H1FY24, this share has increased to 36%, which means that every third tractor exported from India is from Sonalika. Globally, Sonalika is currently the fifth-largest tractor manufacturer and holds a strong No. 3 position in the Indian market. As the best tractor manufacturer in India, Sonalika focuses on designing robust quality products for the growth of farmers and works diligently based on invaluable customer feedback. The company manufactures the best tractor range in 20-120 HP at its world no.1 tractor manufacturing plant in Hoshiarpur, designing almost everything in-house to ensure robust quality products. The brand is committed to farmers' satisfaction and offers a heavy-duty assurance of a 5-year tractor warranty, which shows its solid support for the upliftment of the farming community.

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Also Read: ITL has launched a new series of Sonalika tractors with CRD technology. This advanced technology complies with Trem Stage IV emission norms and is available under the Tiger series in the 55-75 hp range. These tractors offer three unique modes - Power Mode, Eco Mode, and Normal Mode - to maximize fuel efficiency and power needs for farmers, making them suitable for sustainable farming. Additionally, Sonalika has also launched state-specific tractors inspired by the analysis of states' soil patterns and crop-specific requirements. The company has launched Chhatrapati (for Maharashtra), Mahabali (for Telangana), and Maharaja (for Rajasthan) tractors.

Also read: If you're looking for a reliable and efficient tractor to make your farming work easier, consider bringing home the Sonalika DI 745 III Sikandar tractor. With a commitment to farmers' satisfaction, Sonalika provides the best after-sales service support through its 3x2 service promise. This means that if you have a complaint, the company will send a technician within 3 hours, and the problem will be resolved within 2 days. Sonalika has a vast network of 950 dealers and 15,000 retail points, as well as a superior service network with skilled technicians, ensuring that farmers can get their equipment repaired immediately. Sonalika, the best tractor manufacturer in India, has won the hearts of more than 15 lakh farmers in over 150 countries. The company is passionate about using new technologies and continues to customize its tractors to bring agricultural prosperity globally.

Features of Sonalika Tiger DI 75.4 WD Tractor

Features of Sonalika Tiger DI 75.4 WD Tractor

The Sonalika Tiger DI 75.4 WD tractor come with various features that make it unique from the rest of the tractors. The company has designed it with a strong and powerful body. Its price is fixed according to the budget of the farmers.

Different types of agricultural machinery and implements are used for farming. The most important of these special machines is called a tractor. Tractors have become an important need for farmers. With the help of this, he can complete all the tasks of farming very easily in a short time. In addition, tractors can also be operated by adding various farm implements. If you are also planning to buy a powerful tractor for farming or other work, then the Sonalika Tiger DI 75.4 WD tractor can be a great option for you. It comes with various features that make it stand out from other tractors.

What are the features of Sonalika Tiger DI 75.4 WD Tractor 

The tractor is powered by a 4-cylinder, 4712 cc, liquid-cooled engine. It produces 75bhp and 290Nm of torque. This makes the tractor good enough for optimal performance. This Sonalika tractor has a dry / wet type air filter. Its Max PTO is 65 HP, which allows it to easily operate equipment used in agriculture. The company has introduced this tractor in the market with a loading capacity of 2200 kg. With this, you can reach the market by transporting more crop at a time. This tractor of Sonalika company has been provided with a fuel tank of 65 liters capacity, with the help of which you can work in the field for a long time without interruption. The company has designed this tractor with a strong wheelbase, which maintains the balance of the tractor even after heavy weight.

Sonalika Tiger DI 75.4 WD Tractor Price And Warranty

The Sonalika Tiger DI 75.4 WD is priced between Rs 14.4 lakh and Rs 15 lakh (ex-showroom, India). Its on-road price may vary depending on the RTO registration and road tax in different states. The Sonalika company's tractor gives you a warranty of 5000 hours or 5 years