COP 28 meeting is going to be held in Dubai for climate change

As we all know, climate has an important role in the agricultural sector. The COP 28 meeting will be held in Dubai, in which a lot of methods will be churned to struggle with climate change. Not only India but the whole world is very upset due to pollution. Various countries around the world have been vulnerable to climate change, which is also constantly churned. At present, discussions and churning are being done once again to get rid of this problem, which will be organised in Dubai. COP means conference of parties. These meetings are annual. So far, there have been 27 meetings. Now the 28th meeting is going to be held.

Why are members of the United Nations organising

The UN member countries organise COPs to assess effective methods in struggling with climate change and to prepare a plan for climate action under the directions of UNFCCC. Its name is the conference of parties of the United Nations Framework Convention or United Nations Climate Change Conference on Climate Change. The first COP was held in Berlin in 1995. Last year it was held in Egypt. A total of 27 COP meetings have been held so far.

COP28 meeting in Dubai will last till what date

COP28 in Dubai will start from 30 November and will run till December 12. Every year the United Nations Climate Conference is hosted by a different country. A chairman is also appointed by the host country, whose task is to provide an overall approach to lead the climate negotiations. This time the United Arab Emirates Industry and Advanced Technology Minister, Dr. Sultan al -Jabar will be seen presiding over the COP28 talks.

Let's know which areas will be particularly focused on

According to a United Nations report, in this meeting, intensity in energy change and cutting emissions in this time before 2030. By fulfilling old promises and developing outlines for a new agreement, improving the climate sector, keeping nature, people, life and livelihood is to be kept at the centre of climate action. The organisation of the most inclusive Cop ever will be focused on.