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Retired Army captain Prakash Chand earns lakhs by starting gardening

Retired Army captain Prakash Chand earns lakhs by starting gardening

Former Captain Prakash Chand has said that there is no significant benefit in the cultivation of traditional crops like wheat and maize. In such a situation, farmers should now turn to horticulture. Because there is more profit in less cost under horticulture.

Actually, the person we are going to talk about is Prakash Chand. He was formerly serving as a Captain in the Indian Army. After taking retirement, he came to the village and started farming. The special thing is that he is now 70 years old. They are cultivating on their own even at this age. Captain Prakash Chand is a native of Kaiharru village in Hamirpur district of Himachal Pradesh. He is still gardening at this age.

Former Captain Prakash Chand has sold mosambi worth about Rs 2 lakh

He has a mosambi orchard in 20 kanals of land. This is earning them lakhs of rupees every year. Former captain Prakash Chand says that when he came to the village and started gardening, he earned 60 thousand rupees in the second year. At the same time, in the third year, he sold mosambi worth about Rs 2 lakh. However, this year the orchard has suffered a lot due to excessive rains. Then, too, they say that this time there will be a profit of Rs 4 lakh.

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Ex-Captain Prakash Chand's income from horticulture increased

Captain Prakash Chand says that he has been gardening since the year 2019. He has started horticulture under HP Shiva Project. Under the HP project, horticulture training and financial assistance is provided to the farmers. In such a situation, he started the cultivation of mosambi and pomegranate on 20 kanals of barren land under HP Shiva Project. The main thing is that the former captain is now growing vegetables in his mosambi and pomegranate orchards. This has also increased their income significantly

The farmers of Punjab will again strike from January 22 to 26

The farmers of Punjab will again strike from January 22 to 26

This movement of farmers will start from January 22 and will run till 26 January. A strike of farmers in Punjab had just ended, and now the farmers are planning to strike once again. Now if we look at the reason for this, then this is the "failure" of the state government in introducing this new agricultural policy. Farmers will protest against the offices of Deputy Commissioners from 22 January to 26 January.

11 -member committee constituted to draft agricultural policy

Let us explain you that in January last year, the then Agriculture Minister Kuldeep Singh Dhaliwal formed an 11 -member committee to draft the new agricultural policy by 31 March 2023. According to various media agencies, a member of this committee said on the condition of anonymity that the draft of the policy has not been prepared at the moment. Some members of the committee went abroad, due to which the discussion on the policy is quite pending. Soon, a meeting will be held to finalise it.

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AAP government will announce soon

Let us explain you that in this episode, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab chief spokesperson Malvinder Singh Kong says that the Chief Minister of the state Bhagwant Mann has recently spoken to the farmers on this issue. Agricultural policy is the highest priority for the AAP government in the state. Suggestions have already been taken from about 5 thousand farmers. Regarding the delay in the policy, the spokesperson said that after 2000 there was no agricultural policy and the AAP government had started work on the policy soon after coming to power. He says that the policy will be announced soon.

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BKU (Ekta Ugrahan) had already given an ultimatum

In fact, BKU (Ekta Ugrahan) has already given an ultimatum to the government to announce the policy or face opposition in the past. Union General Secretary Sukhdev Singh Kokri Kalan says that we have already submitted a memorandum regarding the pro -peasant steps to be included in the policy. But it seems that the government is delaying it under the pressure of corporations. At the same time, BKU (Kadian) national spokesperson Ravneet Brar says that the government had promised MSP and new agricultural policy on all crops to increase the income of farmers. However, nothing has been done even after about 2 years of coming to power.

Farmers must do this work before January 31 or else the installment will get stuck.

Farmers must do this work before January 31 or else the installment will get stuck.

 If you have not completed the e-KYC process under PM Kisan Yojana, then complete it today. Otherwise, your 16th installment may get stuck. The government has set the last date for this. A major update related to the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana has come out for crores of farmers of India. Farmers should not forget to ignore it. Because, by doing so, the amount of their 16th installment may get stuck.

Actually, this update is about e-KYC. Farmers who have not yet got their e-KYC done for PM Kisan Yojana. He should get it done quickly. If you do not do this in time, then your 16th installment may get stuck. Now in such a situation, the farmer brothers should complete their e-KYC process today.


If you do not do this, the account will be closed

 For your information, let us know that the farmers who have not yet completed their e-KYC (How to do PM Kisan e-KYC) process. He should complete it quickly. The last date for this has been fixed for 31 January. By not doing this, the amount of 16th installment of PM Kisan will not come in the account of the farmers. Not only this, the accounts of farmers who do not get e-KYC done will also become inactive.


Government organising camps for registration

More and more farmers can get the benefit of this scheme. For this, special camps are also being organized at Gram Panchayat headquarters under Bharat Sankalp Yatra. In such a situation, the farmers who have not yet registered. They can apply with the help of CSC or e-mitra.


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Under this scheme, farmers of the country receive assistance of Rs. 6,000 each year. Which comes in the account of the farmers in installments of two thousand rupees. Such farmers also have up to 2 hectares of land. They are given the benefit of this scheme. Farmers who have not yet got Aadhaar seeding and land verification done, they should do this work very quickly. If the KYC is not completed by January 31, then they will be considered ineligible for the scheme.


E-KYC mandatory for PM Kisan

To get e-KYC related to the scheme, you can visit your nearest CSC center or the nearest bank branch. Apart from this, you can also complete the e-KYC process on PM Kisan Portal sitting at home. For this, click on the option of e-KYC provided on the website and keep following the further process. If you want to get e-KYC done online, you can follow the steps given below.


To do e-KYC,

1) go to the official website of PM Kisan Yojana

2) Now after this, tap on e-KYC on the home page.

3) Now enter your Aadhaar number and other necessary information here.

4) After doing this, an OTP will come on your number, enter it. Your e-KYC will be completed

Apart from this, farmers can also complete the e-KYC process offline by visiting the CSC center.