This breed of buffalo is considered good for dairy business

If you also want to rear buffaloes for dairy business, then rearing Mehsana species can be proven awesome for you. This buffalo is famous for its milk production capability. This buffalo can make you a profit of lakhs yearly. Rearing buffaloes is coming out as a good business in rural areas as well as urban areas. Many farmers and dairy owners are rearing buffaloes after considering the increase in milk usage. This is the reason behind the increase in buffalo rearing day by day. Before buying a buffalo, generally people are not able to choose the best breed. Which as a result gives them loss. 

In this scenario, today we are going to talk about a top breed of buffalo which is famous for its impressive milk production capabilities. The breed today we are going to talk about is Mehsana breed. You can earn amazing profit in a year if you own this buffalo breed.

How much money can animal rearers make annually 

For your kind information, let us tell you that this breed of buffalo can provide you the benefit of upto 1.5 lakh per year. This buffalo was discovered in Gujarat. Because this Mehsana breed is in abundance in Mehsana district of Gujarat. That's why this breed is also named after the Mehsana district. Other than Mehsana, this buffalo is also found in Sabarkantha, Banaskantha, Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar district. This breed is also known as Mehsana or Mehsani. It is a calm breed of buffalo, due to which dairy owners and farmers love to rear this buffalo. 

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How much milk does Mehsana buffaloes give daily

Buffaloes of Mehsana breed are themselves famous for their milk production power. Mehsana buffaloes are considered best for commercial dairy farms. If you talk about the milk production capability of Mehsana buffaloes, it gives 5 to 8 litres of milk everyday. With good management and proper nutrition, this buffalo can also milk upto 10 litres per day. During Calving, this buffalo provides milk upto 1800 to 2000 litres on average. The price of this buffalo is around 50 thousand to 1 lakh. Actually, the cost of this breed depends upon the area, size and its health.

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What are the different characteristics of Mehsana breed

Buffaloes of Mehsana breed are black, brown and grey in colour. And, its size is comparatively larger than Murrah breed. But, it weighs less than Murrah. The average weight of a male Mehsana falls around 560 kilograms. Whereas, the weight of a female is around 480 kilograms. Their horns are generally sickle shaped. And are less circular than Murrah. Their neck is very long and seems well structured. Its face is long and straight. Snouts are wide and nostrils are open. 

Along with this, eyes are black, beautiful and sparkling. It is being said that Mehsana breed is produced by crossbreeding of Murrah and Surti breed. The Mehsana breed is popular for its reproduction capabilities. This breed of buffalo is also popular for its milk production capability. Let us tell you that  in one Calving, this buffalo gives an average of 1800 to 2000 litres of milk.