What is the reason for the continuous decline in the income of farmers

There are many reasons for the lack of income of farmers. The farmers  are facing various problems due to the continuous change in the climate. In fact, in a survey, climate change has been described as the main factor of fall in income.

The income of farmers is continuously decreasing. A survey has revealed that farmers are also affected due to the change in climate on the earth. According to the survey, due to this, the income of farmers has fallen by 15.7% in the last two years. Also, during this period one in 6 farmers has lost up to 25 percent.

Most farmers are worried about future farming

In the survey, 71 percent of the farmers have said that due to climate change, their cultivation has so far had widespread side effects. Most of the farmers are worried about future farming. 73 percent of the farmers say that due to diseases of pesticides and crops, more pressure is being faced. The 'Farmer Voice' survey has displayed the challenges faced by farmers around the world due to climate change and future preparations.

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Farmers of India and Kenya are worried

Life Science Company Bayer conducted a 'farmer voice' survey from 800 farmers worldwide. Among them, there were almost the same number of small and big farmers from Germany, India, Kenya, Ukraine, US, Australia, Brazil and China. Farmers believe that the challenge arising in farming due to climate change will continue. Globally, three -fourths of the farmers said that climate change will have a lot of side effects on their farming. Farmers of India and Kenya were more concerned with this.

It is necessary to show the problems of farmers clearly

Rodrigo Santos, a member of the Board of Management of Bare AG and President of Crop Science Division, has said that farmers are facing side effects on farming due to climate change. In addition, he is playing an important role towards dealing with serious challenges. Therefore, it is very important to bring out their voice. This survey has clearly shown the crisis on world food security due to climate change. In view of the increasing global population, the results from the survey will help the capitalists to make agriculture regenerative.