Farmers can earn good profit by cultivating chillies

Chillies are very good for eating. Capsaicin chemical makes it very spicy, that is why it is used in many spices. Chillies are used in making sauce, pickles and medicines. Chillies contain adequate amounts of vitamin A, C, phosphorus and calcium. Chilli is a cash product which can be grown in any climate. By producing chillies, farmers can gain a good profit. To cultivate chillies, loamy and Sandy soil with better water channels are required, which contains high carbon content. Soils with salts and alkalis are not good for it. Farms should be prepared by ploughing 3-4 times. 1.25 to 1.50 kg of seeds are required to cultivate per hectare of land.

Seeding of chilli plants 

Let you know that per bed, mix 50 grams of forate and rotten cow dung. Treat seeds with 2 grams of Agrosan GN, thiram or the captain chemical per kilogram. Sow seeds in a queue at a distance of one inch and cover them with soil and manure. Top should be covered with straw and weeds. After the germination of seeds, weeds should be removed. Chilli plants can be sown in 25 to 35 days. Chillies should always be sown at night. During sowing, there should be a gap of 45 cm between plants and queues. Green chilli starts giving fruits in  85-95 days. Dry Red chilli should be plucked after 140-150 days when chillies become red.

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Amount of fertiliser and manure in farm

Per hectare needs 200 quintal cow dung and compost, 100 quintal nitrogen, 50 quintal phosphorus and 60 quintal potash. Before sowing, whole part of phosphorus should be given with half part nitrogen in compost. After that, the remaining amount should be given 2 times. If it rains less, then irrigation should be done in a time interval of 10 to 15 days. Crops should be irrigated after the arrival of fruits and flowers. If not irrigated, flowers and fruits become weak and small.  Plants should be kept free from weeds to achieve better production.