Know, what are the benefits of farming with grafting method

Generally, people believe that only one type of fruit is obtained from a tree. But do you know that there is a technique by which we can obtain multiple types of fruits from the same tree. So let's learn about this in detail in this article. For your kind information, let us tell you that many people have interest in planting different types of plants in their homes or gardens. People who have interest in gardening, bring different types of plants from nursery and plant them in their gardens. Grafting technique is very beneficial for these people. However, this technique is very effective in the agricultural sector too. For your kind information let us tell you that grafting is a technique in which two plants are joined together to form a new plant which gives better yield than the base plants. The features of plants prepared from grafting are that these plants show the qualities and features of both the plants. Let you know that grafting technique is used to develop different types of plants. This technique is used on all the perennial plants like mango, blueberries, rose, apples and oranges. 

Grafting is of how many types 

Approach grafting

Side grafting

Splice grafting

Saddle grafting

Flat grafting

Cleft grafting

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How grafting is done 

It is very easy to do the grafting in the home garden. Along with this, the grafted plants also get prepared very fastly. For grafting of plants in the gardens, root plants i.e, stock and scion, the grafted plants are taken. Now root stock and scion both are cut tilted upto 1-5 inches with the help of a knife to be joined together. After this the diagonally cut scion is placed over the cut part of stock. Both the parts are now joint and tied together strongly with the help of a tape. After this, the stock and scion tissues start going together. With this procedure, the plant also starts growing. So this is how we can grow plants.

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Benefits of grafting technique 

The plants prepared with the help of grafting may be small in size but they start flowering and giving fruits very soon

Grafting also increases the immunity of plants and plants become less prone to diseases.

Plants prepared with grafting do not need much care

Its quality and features are better than the conventional seed plants

With the help of grafting technique, we can easily produce fruits and flowers

Plants prepared with grafting give flowers and fruits throughout the year

Plants prepared with grafting can also be sown in soil of pots