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Organic farming is very beneficial for farmers, there is increasing demand for organic products

Organic farming is very beneficial for farmers, there is increasing demand for organic products

Organic farming also helps in fighting cancerous diseases of the heart and brain. Natural vegetables and fruits with exercise bring out the best in your life.

Organic farming is considered the protector of the environment. Since the Corona epidemic, there has been a lot of awareness among the people about health. The intellectual class is giving priority to vegetables grown from organic farming in place of vegetables grown from chemical food.

More than two times the production has been produced in the last 4 years

For the last four years in India, the area of organic farming has increased and more than doubled. The area was 29.41 lakh hectare in 2019-20, it increased to 38.19 lakh hectare in 2020-21 and in last year 2021-22 it was 59.12 lakh hectares.

Very helpful in fighting many serious diseases

Organic farming based on natural pesticides also helps in fighting cancer and dangerous diseases of the heart and brain. Natural vegetables and fruits with exercise can bring out the best in your life.

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India is in the entire global market

India is rapidly focusing on the global market of organic farming. There is so much demand that the supply is not met. There is definitely a lot of potential in the field of organic farming in the coming years. All people are becoming aware of their health.

Start organic farming in this way

In general, people ask questions, how to start organic farming? For organic farming, first you want to do farming. Understand the soil there. Before starting organic farming, farmers start with training, then the challenges can be reduced considerably. The farmer understands the demand of the market and selects the crop, which crop should be grown. For this, farmers must take advice and opinion from experts from their nearest Krishi Vigyan Kendra or Agricultural Universities.

Advice from agricultural scientists regarding sowing of vegetables

Advice from agricultural scientists regarding sowing of vegetables

Advice from agricultural specialists on seeding Zaid vegetables: In a few days, the time will come to seed Zaid vegetables (the crop grown between Rabi and Kharif). These crops are seeded between February and March. These crops mostly include cantaloupe, watermelon, muskmelon, cucumber, bottle gourd, ridge gourd, lady's finger, and taro roots.

Farmers who had sowed carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, potatoes, and sugarcane in their fields would suddenly find them empty. Farmers can plant Zaid veggies on the unoccupied fields. Farmers may benefit from these crops by selling them in the marketplaces throughout March, April, and May. This will give significant economic benefits to farmers.

Advice from agricultural specialists regarding vegetable sowing

Always plant veggies in rows. Plants of any vine crop, such as bottle gourd, ridge gourd, and tinda, should be seeded in the same bed rather than in separate locations. If you are growing bottle gourd vines, do not plant any other vines between them, such as bitter gourds or ridge gourds. Because honey bees act as pollinators between male and female flowers, they are unable to sprinkle pollen from other crop vines on female gourd blooms and must rely solely on pollen from bottle gourd vines to pollinate each other. So that the most fruits can be borne.

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Agricultural experts recommend vine vegetables

Vine vegetables such as gourd, ridge gourd, and tinda frequently have decaying and dropping fruits at an early stage. This occurs owing to incomplete pollination and fertilisation in these fruits. To avoid this problem, encourage honey bee migration. To seed vine veggies, cut a long groove 40-45 cm broad and 30 cm deep. Plant vegetables or saplings on both sides of the drain, keeping the gap between plants at 60 cm. To disseminate the vine, construct beds approximately 2 metres wide from the drain's margins. If there is shortage of space, the vine can be spread by fencing it with iron wires parallel to the drain. With the help of rope, the vine can be spread on the roof or any perennial tree.

How to prepare bananas before sending them to the market so that they get maximum benefit?

How to prepare bananas before sending them to the market so that they get maximum benefit?

After harvesting the banana from the virtual stem, the bananas are separated from the bunch in different hands. After this, put these hands in the water tank of alum @ 1 gram alum per 2.5 liters of water. After dipping these banana hands for about 3 minutes, take them out. The alum solution removes the natural wax on the banana peels and also cleans the insect debris on the fruit. It acts as a natural disinfectant. After this, the second tank contains anti-fungal liquid Huwa San, inside which there is hydrogen peroxide with liquid silver components which acts as an antifungal, which does not allow the fungus to grow.

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Hua San is a biocide and is effective against all types of bacteria, viruses, yeast, mold and spore makers. Legionella is also effective against pneumophila. Environmentally friendly – practically becomes 100% degradable to water and oxygen. Its use does not create odor, does not change the taste of treated foods. Effectiveness and long-term effects are observed even at very high water temperatures. Rated as safe for consumption at the recommended dosage rate. No carcinogenic or mutagenic effect, does not react with ammonium-ions. It can be stored for a long time. No side effects of any kind have been observed from using at the 3% recommended rate. In this solution, dip the banana hands for 3 minutes. Dissolve Huwa san @ 1 ml per litre of water to make a solution. In this way, 250 ml of Huva San liquid is poured into a 500 liter water tank. After removing the bananas from these solutions, place the bananas on the surface of the mesh on a good drainage floor with a high-speed fan to remove excess water from the bananas. In this way, the initial preparation of bananas is done. Packed in specially designed cartons. Bananas prepared in this way are easily repaired or sent to foreign markets.

What is Huwa-san?

 The process of combining hydrogen peroxide and silver stabilizer is unique worldwide and is based on the original Huva-San technology, which was further developed in ROM technology over the past 15 years.

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 This technique is unique because no other stabilizing agent such as acid is required to stabilize the peroxide. All this makes Huwa-San Technology's products non-residual and extremely powerful disinfectant. Huwa-San is a one stop biocidal product that is effective against bacteria, fungi, yeast, spores, viruses and even mycobacteria and hence this products can be used in many areas to disinfect water, surfaces, tools and even large empty areas through evaporation.

Over the past 15 years, Hueva-San products were extensively tested on a laboratory scale and on numerous field trials around the world. The abundance of information within HUA-San's broad application spectrum along with technical knowledge has been the key to worldwide success.

 Huwa-San has been thoroughly researched and developed in lab and field test settings, it is completely safe and as a result, HUA-SAN products meet the latest standards for disinfection.

The Central Government took an important decision for the benefit of the farmers of Himachal Pradesh.

The Central Government took an important decision for the benefit of the farmers of Himachal Pradesh.

The Central Government took an important decision for the benefit of the farmers of Himachal Pradesh.

In the year 2021, the Central Government had purchased apples directly from farmers in Jammu and Kashmir under the Market Intervention Scheme. Due to this the farmers did not have to face much loss. Thus they got the right price for their crop. This is the reason why the farmers of Himachal have now demanded the Central Government to start purchasing apples. There is good news for the apple producing farmers of Himachal Pradesh. On the demand of Himachal Pradesh Government, the Central Government has constituted a committee to purchase apples through NAFED. This committee will review the demand of Himachal government. At the same time, after this a report will be submitted to the Central Government. It is being said that on the basis of the report, the Central Government can take a decision to procure apple from the farmers through NAFED like paddy and wheat. With this, farmers will be able to get a good price for apples.

Loss of apple crop in Himachal Pradesh

This year, apple crops have suffered a lot in Himachal Pradesh. Due to excessive rains, many apple orchards were hit by landslides. This has caused huge financial loss to the farmers. Also, due to untimely rains, apple fruits also rotted on the trees. Due to this also production has been greatly affected. Apart from this, many roads got destroyed due to rain in Himachal Pradesh. This is the reason why apples are not able to reach the markets from the orchards on time.

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A committee has been constituted by The central government

Local farmers of the state say that firstly the weather has ruined the crop. Now the right price of apples is not available in the market. Due to this they are incurring huge losses. Now in such a situation, the Central Government should also directly purchase apples from farmers on the lines of paddy and wheat. This is the reason that on the demand of farmers, Himachal government has demanded the Center to start purchasing apples through NAFED. After this the central government formed a committee.


What is the percentage share of Himachal Pradesh?

After Kashmir, maximum apple production is done in Himachal Pradesh. It ranks second in India in terms of apple production. Himachali apple is supplied not only in the country but also in the neighboring country Nepal. The main thing is that Himachal Pradesh accounts for 25 percent of the total apples produced in India.

75% subsidy on opening onion storage houses in this state

75% subsidy on opening onion storage houses in this state

Onions have become very expensive in India nowadays. Now you can also take advantage of this in such a situation. However, for that you have to open an onion storage house. If you also want to earn a strong income through onion, open an onion storage house. The big thing here is that you will also get a grant up to Rs 4.5 lakh on its construction. Nowadays onion in India is extracting a lot of tears from the public. The reason for this is its price. Onion prices have again become skyrocketing. According to the supply, due to no storage of onion, its prices have been increased. However, you can also get the benefit of the rise in onion prices. You just have to open an onion storage house, on which you will also get a grant. At the same time, later onion storage and auction will also be profitable.

Bihar government took important steps

Indeed, the Bihar government has done a big exercise to develop a wider onion storage system. The state government is providing grants for onion storage. So that onion storage can be ensured in the state. At the same time, people should also benefit from this. In such a situation, if you too are from Bihar and are thinking of starting a new business, then you can take advantage of this scheme of Bihar government. Similarly, farmers can make their local storage in rural areas, on which the government is giving subsidy of up to 75 percent.

How much subsidy Bihar government is providing

According to the horticulture department of the Government of Bihar, the State Government is providing grants for the establishment of onion storage under the Vegetable Development Program (2023-2024). According to this plan of the government, a cost of Rs 6 lakh has been fixed for 50 metric tonnes of onion storage unit. On this, the government will give you a 75 percent grant. In such a situation, if you construct an onion storage house, then you will get a subsidy of up to 4 lakh 50 thousand rupees on it. This means that you will have to spend only 1 lakh 50 rupees for construction from your pocket.

You can apply in these districts of Bihar

The Bihar government is currently running this scheme in a few districts. Under this, people and farmers of districts like Aurangabad, Gaya, Nalanda, Patna, Buxar, Nawada and Sheikhpura can apply for onion storage. The process of applying is completely online, which is currently started.

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Apply like this to take advantage of the scheme

If you also want to take advantage of this scheme and open an onion storage house, then you can apply for this by visiting the official website of the Horticulture Department. To apply, first go to the website. After this, click on 'Vegetable Development Scheme', where you will get a link related to the grant on the construction of onion storage houses. After clicking on the link, fill all your information and submit the form.

Get to know why the  15th instalment of PM KISAN SAMMAN NIDHI will take time to arrive?

Get to know why the 15th instalment of PM KISAN SAMMAN NIDHI will take time to arrive?

If you also want to get the benefit of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, then you should complete your documentation work today... Various schemes are run by the government to provide financial assistance to the farmers. One of these schemes is PM Kisan Samman Nidhi... Under this scheme, farmers of our country are provided with assistance of Rs. 6,000 each year... An amount of 2-2 thousand rupees is sent through this scheme.

14 Instalments of PM KISAN SAMMAN NIDHI YOJNA has been sent

So far 14 instalments have been sent under the scheme. At present, the farmers are eagerly waiting for the 15th instalment. Which can reach their accounts soon. But, if you have not yet done e-KYC or have made some mistake while filling the form, then you will not get the benefit of the scheme.

15th instalment of PM KISAN NIDHI YOJNA is getting delayed

If you are viewing your details on PM KISAN SAMMAN NIDHI PORTAL. Also, waiting for the state's approval for your upcoming instalment, it will take some time for you to get the amount of Rs 2000. Because the approval has not yet been given by the state government. The state government will verify your documents and give a request for a transfer sign to the centre. Those who have not received the money due to state approval will include those farmers who have not been able to properly document their agricultural land. Along with this, farmers who have not been able to register agriculture.

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Let's learn about RFT Sign

Let me tell you that when you check your payment status by visiting the website of PM KISAN SAMMAN NIDHI, most of the times RFT Signed by the State for 1st & 2nd instalment is written. This means that the state government has examined the beneficiary's data, which is fine. After this, the state government requests the central government to send money to the eligible beneficiaries  account. In such a situation, you should take special care that all the documents given by you are correct. The eKYC process must also be complete.

Under this scheme, financial assistance of Rs 3 thousand will be given to small and marginal farmers per month

Under this scheme, financial assistance of Rs 3 thousand will be given to small and marginal farmers per month

The Modi government of the Center is running various schemes for the upliftment of farmers. Explain that one of them is the PM Kisan Maan Dhan Yojana. Under this scheme, the government provides pension to small and marginal farmers of India for better living in old age. The scheme was started by the Central Government in May 2019. Under this scheme, the government provides financial assistance to small and marginal farmers by giving a pension of Rs 3 thousand per month on completion of 60 years of age. This scheme is also known as Kisan Pension Scheme. In such a situation, if you also want to apply for this scheme, then you should be between 18 and 40 years old.

How much premium will have to be paid per month

To take advantage of this scheme, you must have arable land up to about 2 hectares. If the beneficiary dies under the scheme, the pension amount is transferred to his wife's account, which is about 1500 per month. The beneficiaries applying under the Kisan Maandhan Yojana also have to pay a premium per month, which is different according to the age group. If you are 18 years old, then you will have to pay a premium of Rs 55 per month. Similarly, those of 40 years of age will have to pay a premium of Rs 200 per month. Only after 60 years of age paying premium, this scheme can be benefited.

Necessary documents to avail the scheme

If you also want to get the benefit of PM Kisan Manadhan Yojana, then you must have some necessary documents. According to the plan, the beneficiary should have a bank account, which is connected to the Aadhaar card. Apart from this, you are also required to have documents like passport size photo, identity card, age certificate, farm measles Khatauni. Under this scheme, the amount received in old age will be directly transferred to the beneficiary's bank account. The main objective of the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Mahandhan Yojana 2023 is to make the farmers of India self -reliant in old age and strengthen the landless farmers.

Procedure to apply for honorary scheme

To apply for the scheme, first go to the official website After this, go to the homepage and login. Then the applicant will have to fill his phone number to login the candidate. Tell that a new page will open as soon as you do this, where you have to enter your information. After this, click on Generate OTP. Fill the OTP on the registered mobile number in the empty box and submit the application form. Your form will be submitted as soon as you do this.