Importance of natural farming and what are its benefits

A portal has been launched by the Government of India for information on natural farming. All kinds of information related to natural farming will be found on this portal.

The practice of natural farming in India is continuously increasing. Farmers do not use any chemicals in this farming. This farming is largely based on on-farm biomass recycling, with special emphasis on the use of biomass mulching, cow dung, urine. To maintain the fertility of the soil, organic fertilizers made from neem are sprayed.

What are the benefits of natural farming?

The major goal of natural farming is to superficiate crop production without affecting the quality of the soil. It promotes maintaining diversity in crops, judicious use of natural resources, organic manure and a better farming environment. Natural farming works with a biodiversity. It increases the biological activity of the soil as well as promotes food yields.

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Natural farming improves yields

The production in natural farming is much better than traditional farming. This also increases the profits of the farmers very much. Also, it improves their financial condition significantly. In the last several years, farmers doing traditional farming have been more attracted towards this natural farming. In addition, natural farming also contributes significantly to soil conservation, better agricultural diversity and reduction of carbon and nitrogen footprints in the atmosphere.

Natural farming gives more yield with less cost

The main objective of natural farming is to give farmers the best yield by using on-farm, natural and domestic resources. In this method, the cost of farmers is very low. The most immediate impact of natural farming is at the soil level. Microbes and earthworms have a positive effect on natural agriculture. Chemical-free agriculture has a profound impact on soil health. Also, it contributes to crop yields excellently.

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Portal for natural farming has been released

The Government of India has launched a website to promote natural farming in the country. All kinds of information related to natural farming are available on this website. Apart from this, information about all the steps being taken by the government for natural farming will be easily available. This portal has been developed by the Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare.