Rohit left traditional farming and started Geranium plantation and is now earning a profit of lakhs.

What is the Life of Geranium plants?

According to farmer Rohit, after the first cutting of the Geranium plantation the yield can be obtained after every 3.5 months.  The life of its plants is 3 years. With this they can earn lakhs of money at a duration of every 3 months. He said that 150 kilo of germanium oil can As we all know, in recent years multiple changes have been observed in the agriculture sector. New technology is also being included along with the modern tools in agricultural sectors. This is helping farmers in achieving a good yield in less time. Along with this, there are some farmers who are earning in lakhs by shifting from traditional farming to modern techniques. In the present time, farmers are producing crops by modern techniques instead of traditional farming. Currently farmers are also focusing on cash crops instead of being dependent only on crops like paddy and wheat. This is also saving their time and helping them in achieving a good yield and a good profit in less time and less expense. Today also we will tell you about a farmer who has shifted from traditional farming to perfume farming and made lakhs of money doing that.

Farmer Rohit is the native resident of Kavalpur Village 

Actually this is a story of a farmer named Rohit Mule, who is the native resident of Kavalpur Village in Sangli, Maharashtra. Before 3 years,he was also involved in producing crops like millet and grapes similar to common farmers. But he faced loss many times due to flood snowfall and other conditions. In this condition, he thought about doing something different and travelling multiple places along with gathering the information about different techniques of farming. During this he observed the farming of Geranium. He got to know that Geranium, like lavender and lemongrass, is also a perfume plant. He got to know that the oil separated from the leaves of all these plants is used in essential oils and perfumes. Also he can earn more profit by farming these crops. And then he made up his mind to do the farming of Geranium.

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Farmer Rohit started the cultivation of Geranium 

Rohit started the farming of Geranium on a land of five acres. During this he also said that Geranium plantation is not done by seeds but with the help of cuttings. The shoots of Geranium are used in nurseries to make new plants.

What is the appropriate temperature for a Geranium plantation?

Geranium producing farmer Rohit said that for the farming of Geranium the normal temperature should be between 30 to 35 degrees. Geranium can easily be cultivated in this temperature range. 12000 plants of Geranium are being sown in one acre of land. Apart from this, for the irrigation of Geranium drip irrigation method should be used. 

How much time it takes to first crop of Geranium to prepare 

According to farmer Rohit, the first yield is obtained only after 4 months of Geranium plantation. In the first plantation of this crop, the total expense including plants, irrigation system, weedicides and labour costs around 1 lakh 20 thousand. At present the price of 1 kg of Uranium oil is almost 8500 rupees. 14 to 15 kilos of oil can be obtained in one acre of land at one time. Let you know that the first expense can be earned from this. 

be obtained from this plantation, which costs around 12 lakh rupees.