The resistant varieties of wheat developed by agricultural scientists got the award

Wheat is the most sown crop of Rabi season. Farmers can earn more profits by producing more. For this, an improved variety of wheat is being developed. In such a situation, scientists of Indian Wheat Research Institute, Karnal have developed a new wheat variety DBW 327. It is a high producing and disease resistant variety. Efforts are being made by farmers and scientists to increase the yield of wheat crop. In this series, scientists of Indian Wheat Research Institute, Karnal have developed a new variety of wheat, DBW- 327, which can yield 30 to 35 quintals per acre. The main thing about this variety is that the weather will not affect this wheat crop at all. There will be no difference in its production also. This variety of wheat is disease resistant. Also, it becomes ripe in 155 days. Also, if we talk about production, up to 80 quintals per hectare can be obtained from this variety. Which is more than any other wheat variety.

Award received for 5 wheat varieties

For your information, let us tell you that scientists of Indian Wheat Research Institute, Karnal have recently developed five new varieties of wheat. Indian Wheat Research Institute, Karnal has received the National Award for the technological development of new varieties of wheat. This award has been given by Union Animal Husbandry and Dairy Minister Purushottam Rupala.

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Pest resistant variety of wheat DBW 327

Dr. Gyanendra Singh, Director of the Indian Wheat Research Institute, says that the new wheat variety DBW 327 is a pest resistant variety. The cost of spraying to eliminate pesticides in this variety of wheat crop will also be less. Along with this, there will be no impact of strong sunlight, less water and unseasonal rain. Farmers don't need to take excessive care of it. Farmers wil alsol earn more profits from its produce.

Farmers in these states will benifit from this

This variety of DBW 327 wheat will benefit the farmers of Haryana, Punjab, Western Uttar Pradesh and Delhi the most. Because the climatic conditions here are favorable for this variety. These seeds will soon be provided to the farmers. Let us tell you that farmers will benefit a lot from these seeds.