What are the benefits and disadvantages of consuming cloves?

Published on: 21-Jan-2024

Cloves are used in many Ayurvedic medicines as well as to make dishes delicious. Cloves are consumed to get relief in many diseases. But there are as many benefits as consuming cloves, there are also disadvantages. Consuming cloves in excess can also prove to be harmful to health.

Excessive consumption of cloves can reduce the amount of glucose in the body

Excessive consumption of cloves reduces the amount of glucose in the body. People whose glucose level is already low should not consume cloves. Low glucose in the body can also cause diseases like dizziness, headache, trembling, irritability as well as increased heartbeat, etc. All these are the disadvantages of consuming too much cloves. If these diseases are not taken care of soon, it can also go into a coma, or increase the chances of having seizures.

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Excessive consumption of cloves can cause blood to thin

Blood thinning properties are found inside cloves, bleeding starts to increase due to injury etc. Excessive consumption of cloves causes blood thinners. Patients suffering from haemophilia should not consume cloves. Hemophilia i.e. those who have a bleeding disorder, they should use cloves in very small quantities, that too according to the doctor's advice. Due to excessive consumption of cloves, the platelet present in the blood decreases, due to which the blood becomes thinner.

Burning sensations in the eyes

A pungent fragrance and freak are found inside the cloves. Continuous use of cloves can also cause allergic problems in the eyes. The use of cloves can prove to be dangerous for the eyes. Excessive use of cloves can also cause eye irritation. If you feel that there is a problem of irritation in the eyes or frequent watery eyes, then stop consuming cloves at the same time.

Harmful to stomach

The effect of cloves is very hot, so its excessive use can cause stomach problems. Excessive use of cloves can also cause liver and kidney problems. It can also cause abdominal pain, cramps and other ailments. Irregular consumption of cloves also has a profound effect on the intestines, it can also cause swelling on the intestines and problems of not digesting food.

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Do not use Clove during pregnancy days

Using cloves during this stage can prove to be harmful. The effect of cloves is very hot. That is why women are forbidden to use cloves during pregnancy. Cloves can be used by pregnant women by putting them in food, but do not use cloves directly as medicine, it increases the chances of miscarriage.

Chances of having allergic reactions

Due to the skin of many people being sensitive, they may also have allergic reactions or itching problems due to the use of cloves. That is why people with such skin should use cloves in very small quantities. Using cloves in excess can prove to be harmful to health. There are many compounds found inside cloves, due to which allergic reactions can be faced.

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Reaction with medications

Consumption of cloves with medicines can cause reactions. That is why those who are already taking any kind of medicines, then they should consume cloves after consulting a doctor. Consuming cloves and medicines together can prove to be harmful to health. Cloves can reduce the effectiveness of medicines, or you may also have to face some kind of problem.

When and how to consume cloves depends on the circumstances. There are many benefits and benefits from the use of cloves. But the effect of cloves is hot, its excessive use can also spoil health. Cloves are considered more beneficial for problems like vomiting, constipation and gas, but its excessive use can also cause problems. Patients who are already taking medicines for any disease should take cloves after consulting health consultants.