This state offers 50% subsidy on Betel cultivation

Published on: 22-Jan-2024

Many people like the taste of betel leaf. Due to the popularity of betel leaf, the Bihar government has announced a grant for the cultivation of Magahi betel leaf. The total cost of Magahi betel cultivation is Rs. 70,500. 50% percent of this means that a grant of Rs 32,250 will be received from the government.

In India, the government runs different types of schemes for farmers. So that some benefits can be given to the farmers. The government provides subsidy facilities to farmers on various types of crops. The Bihar government has given a big gift to the farmers doing farming in the state of Bihar. There is a lot of interest in paan in Bihar. Due to this, the Bihar government has announced a grant for betel cultivation. This type of subsidy will be provided by the government for betel cultivation.

Subsidy up to Rs 32,250 will be available on betel cultivation

Betel leaf is said to be a natural mouth freshener. In general, there are many paan lovers across India. But the Bihar state's craze for paan is something different. Magahi paan of Bihar state is very famous. It has also received the tag of Geographical Identification. There is a lot of demand for this paan in the market.

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Keeping all these things in mind, the Bihar government has announced a grant for the cultivation of Magahi betel. The total cost of cultivation of Magahi betel is around Rs 70,500. Now 50 percent grant will be available for this from the government. This means that if someone cultivates Magahi betel leaf, he will be provided a subsidy of up to Rs 32,250 by the Bihar government.

How can farmers take advantage of this scheme?

The Department of Agriculture Ministry of Bihar Government has announced to give grant to the farmers for Magahi Paan under the Special Crop Scheme. To avail the benefit of grant under this scheme currently run by Bihar Government, visit the official website Please note that after this click on Paan Vikas Yojana. Now click on the apply link button. After this, after filling all the necessary details, you can submit the application.