This 4WD tractor of Captain Company is being liked very much among the farmers.

Published on: 04-Feb-2024

There are many top class tractor manufacturing companies in the Indian market. One such company whose name is Captain. If you are also a farmer and want to buy a tractor for small farming, then Captain 223 4WD tractor can prove to be a great option for you. This mini tractor of Captain Company comes with a 952 CC engine generating 22 HP power with 3000 RPM.

Captain Company has become a trusted brand in India in the tractor segment. The company has been manufacturing excellent quality tractors for farmers for years. Captain tractors remain very popular among the farmers with their modern technology and latest features.

What are the features of Captain 223 4WD?

In Captain 223 4WD tractor, you get to see a 952 cc capacity 3 cylinder water cooled engine, which generates 22 HP power. This tractor of the company comes with a very good quality fuel tank. The engine of this Captain tractor generates 3000 RPM. This tractor of the company is provided with a huge capacity fuel tank. The lifting capacity of Captain 223 4WD Drive tractor has been kept high. At the same time, its total weight is 885 kg. The company has designed this tractor in 1500 MM wheelbase with 2884 length, 1080 width and 1470 height.

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What are the features of Captain 223 4WD?

Hydrostatic steering is provided to you in Captain 223 4WD tractor. This tractor comes with a gearbox with 9 Forward+3 Reverse gears. This tractor of the company comes with Sliding mesh type transmission. Captain Company has set the forward speed of its mini tractor at 25.5 kmph. Captain 223 is a 4 wheel drive tractor. In this you get to see 5.00 X 12 front tire and 8.00x18 rear tire. This tractor of the company comes with Oil Immersed Brakes, which maintains strong grip on the tires in the fields. In this Captain Mini tractor, you get to see great features like ADDC hydraulics, differential lock, front opening bonnet, LED lights front and tail, projector head lamp, rubber pad, side shift gears and wide foot with rubber mat.

What is the price of Captain 223 4WD?

The ex-showroom price of Captain 223 4WD tractor in India has been set between Rs 4.82 lakh to Rs 5.00 lakh. The on road price of this Captain 223 4WD tractor may vary due to RTO registration and road tax applicable across states. The company provides 1 year warranty with its Captain 223 4WD Tractor.