By rearing Kalahandi breed of buffalo, one can earn lakhs of rupees.

Published on: 18-Nov-2023

The Kalahandi breed of buffalo is mainly found in Kalahandi and Rayagada districts of Odisha. Let us tell you that it is counted among the advanced breeds of buffaloes. This breed gives an average of 680-900 liters of milk in one go. In such a situation, it is considered quite fantastic for the dairy business. Seeing the boom in the consumption of dairy products in India, people's interest in the dairy business has increased rapidly. Especially in rural areas, this business is flourishing, through which farmers are earning a great income. In such a situation, if you are also thinking of earning a great income through the dairy business by joining the field of animal husbandry, then we will tell you about such a breed of buffalo which is considered to be very excellent for the dairy business. We are talking about the Kalahandi breed of buffalo.

Milk production potential of Kalahandi breed buffalo in one go

This breed of buffalo is known as Pedakimedi in Kalahandi and Andhra Pradesh. The origin of this buffalo is from Kalahandi and Rayagada districts of Odisha. That's why it got its name. These animals are especially found in rural areas. However, they are seen in the eastern hilly regions of Andhra Pradesh. Their color is dark brown. At the same time, the head is flat, but the tail is black. It is small in size and round in shape. It has the capacity to produce 680-900 litres of milk. This breed of buffalo is also able to bear normal heat and cold.

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Value of Kalahandi Buffalo

Due to the high milk production capacity of Kalahandi buffalo, it is included in the advanced breeds of buffalo. In such a situation, if you also want to make this buffalo a means of income, then first of all know its identity, price and features. The price of buffalo of this breed in the market is between 25 thousand rupees to 90 thousand rupees.

Kalahandi Buffalo testing and Features

The Kalahandi breed of buffalo is commonly found in Odisha. The head of this breed of buffalo is flat and protruding. There are also small hairs on the head. The color of this buffalo is gray to dark gray, while in terms of size they are medium. This breed provides an average of 680-900 litres of milk in a single batch. This breed of buffalo is also used for carrying loads in addition to milk. The horns of the Kalahandi buffalo are also used. Household items are made from them. This breed of buffalo is known for its work efficiency and disease resistance in its native region.

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You must take special care of the buffalo's diet. 

They are generally preferred as leguminous fodder and straw food. Include in their diet such elements in which there is an abundance of energy, protein, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A etc. You can feed this buffalo with grains, oil seeds and metal. They can also be fed maize / wheat / barley / oats / millet fodder.