Jute Corporation of India launched the Pat-Mitro app, will help farmers like this

Published on: 30-Dec-2023

Jute Corporation of India has launched the 'Pat-Mitro' app. It has been a great step towards supporting jute farmers. Rachna Shah, Secretary, Ministry of Textiles, inaugurated the app, which aims to provide necessary information to the farmers for the best jute cultivation and increased income opportunities.

What are the main features of the party 'app' app?

The 'Pat-Mitro' app is designed to provide valuable information to farmers on various aspects of jute cultivation. Major characteristics include :- 

Information on Jute Grandation parameters: The app provides details on jute gradation parameters, which helps farmers to understand and enhance the quality of their jute produce.

Farmers-focused schemes: You can get information about schemes like 'Jute-ICARE' made to directly benefit the farmers.

Weather forecast: The app also includes weather forecast, which helps farmers to take informed decisions based on weather conditions.

Purchase policies: Farmers can remain updated on procurement policies. Ensuring that they align their farming practices with market requirements.

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‘ Pat-Mitro ‘ app jute will strengthen the status of farmers

Annawrit app jute will cooperate in reviving farmers and industry. With information, technological progress and increase in access to market opportunities, Indian jute farmers can open a door of bright future and contribute to the sustainable development of the region.

'Pat-Mitro' app will solve these challenges

For your information , due to a bumper crop for three consecutive years, there is a sufficient supply of jute fibre in the market. As a result, farmers in large numbers require support through the Minimum Support Price (MSP). It is expected that the 'Pat-Mitro' app will resolve these challenges and provide significant assistance to the farmers.

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The Pat-Mitro app will be available in many languages in the coming time

Currently, the 'Pat-Mitro' app which is available in English is set to launch in six local languages in the future. This expansion will ensure that Jute Kisan in different regions can benefit from the resources and information of the app.