Mahindra Jeeva 225DI (2WD) Power and Specialty of Tractor

By: Merikheti
Published on: 03-Dec-2023

The Mahindra Jeeva 225 DI tractor is proving to be effective among farmers with its power and features. It gets very good mileage and more loading capacity, which helps farmers to increase income.

The tractors of Mahindra & Mahindra Company have become the first choice of every farmer in India. Mahindra has become the highest selling company of tractors in India. The company's tractors are known for their strong and powerful engine power. For your information, a tractor has an important and important place in the life of the farmer. If a farmer does not have a tractor, then it becomes very difficult to do various farming works. If you are searching for a powerful tractor for small farming or horticulture, then today we have brought you the information of the Mahindra Jeeva 225DI (2WD) tractor.

This mini tractor of Mahindra is proving to be great in terms of power and features, in which you get a great mileage, which also helps farmers in increasing profits. For farmers, Mahindra Company has presented this mini tractor at an affordable price.

The characteristics of the Mahindra Jeeva 225 DI tractor are as follows

This tractor of Mahindra gets a water cooled engine in a 2 cylinder with a 1366 cc capacity, which produces 20 HP. Which makes this mini tractor sufficient for all types of cultivation. Dry Type Air Filter is given inside this Mahindra tractor, which keeps its engine safe from dust and soil. Also, it helps in increasing its lifetime. The Max PTO of this Mahindra tractor is 18 hp, allowing it to operate the equipment used in farming easily. This mini tractor has a 22 -litre capacity fuel tank, after which you can complete all the farming works for a long time.

Explain that this Mahindra tractor's weight lifting capacity has been fixed at 750 kg, so that you can reach more crops with the help of this tractor at one time to the market. Mahindra has prepared this tractor with 2300 mm wheelbase. The company has presented this tractor in the market with an attractive and strong body. Most of the farmers make the idea of buying it only after seeing it.

What are the features of Mahindra Jeeva 225 DI tractor

In this tractor of Mahindra Company, you get to see Power Steering (Optional) Steering, which comes with a great grip. This gives farmers a smooth drive. This tractor of the company provides 8 forward + 4 Reverse gear gearbox. This mini tractor has a single type clutch. Also, you get to see Sliding Mesh Type Transmission in it. This mini tractor from Mahindra is presented in the market with a forward speed of 25 kmph. In this tractor, you get to see oil immersed type brakes, which maintain your great grip during farming. At the same time, it prevents it from slipping. This tractor of Mahindra means 2wd means that it comes with two wheel drive, it has 5.20 x 14 front tires and 8.3 x 24 rear tires. This Mahindra tractor brings the power of Multi Speed Type, which produces 605, 750 rpm. Suspension seat has also been provided in this mini tractor of Mahindra. This tractor comes with high light headlights, so that you can do farming work at night even during the night.