Merikheti Kisan Panchayat: Panchayat held of agricultural scientists and farmers of Pusa in Gram Panchayat Hasanpur (Mathura)

By: Merikheti
Published on: 20-Nov-2023

Merikheti Kisan Panchayat was organized on Sunday, November 19 under the chairmanship of Rakesh Pradhan at Gram Panchayat Hasanpur (Mathura). For the benefit of the farmers of his area, Rakesh Pradhan ji organized a Kisan Panchayat at his place to make them aware about the various changes in modern and latest agriculture and the sources that give more income to the farmers. Rakesh Chaudhary welcomed my farming team and agricultural scientists and expressed his heartfelt gratitude for their arrival and beneficial information to the farmers. In this Kisan Panchayat, one to one scholars and experienced agricultural scientists of Pusa were present. The agricultural scientists made the farmers aware of the use of modern technology and best seeds. The agricultural scientists provided important information to the farmers about FPO and APEDA so that the farmers can earn a little more than the traditional earnings.

Dr. C. B. Singh, Principal Scientist (RETD), IARI briefed the farmers about various innovations in the field of agriculture. He spoke about the biogas making machine. During the monthly Kisan Panchayat of Merikheti, when the farmers asked Dr. CB Singh about the less flowering of potatoes, he said that the size of potatoes depends on the soil and climate of your farm. He said that the farmers should choose the seeds according to the soil type.

Dr. JPS Dabas, Principal Scientist, IARI Pusa stressed upon the farmers to be aware. He told the farmers that in today's era, there is enough of technology, resources and information with you. Farmers can earn lakhs of rupees. But they need to wake up and make an effort. Without the awareness of the farmers, it is very difficult to improve their days. Dr. JPS Dabas has benefited many farmers directly and indirectly in his life time so far. Dabas ji himself has helped thousands of farmers in setting up biogas plants. He always worked for the farmers. Usually people want to spend Sundays with their family members, but Dabas ji lives among farmers even on holidays.

Dr. Ritesh Sharma, Principal Agricultural Scientist, while advising the farmers to avoid using urea and DAP in indiscriminate amounts, said that by using urea and DAP in excessive amounts, the external view of the crop becomes good, but the crop becomes very weak from inside. As an example, he told the farmers that when rubber is stretched too much, it breaks. Similarly, if farmers use chemical fertilizers indiscriminately for the untimely growth of the crop, the nutrients inside their crop are lost. Dr. Ritesh Sharma ji also provides complete information to the farmers through online medium. He is also helping the farmers a lot.

Dr. Vipin Kumar, Associate Director Agronomy, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Gautam Budh Nagar said that modernity has increased a lot in the agriculture sector today. He told the farmers that at present many farmers of the country are unaware of those techniques and agricultural practices. Farmers need to change with the times. Dr. Vipin Kumar also gave possible solutions to many problems of farmers.

Dr. Nirmal Chandra Pradhan Agricultural Scientist Pusa, while asking the farmers about their problems and questions, said that in the agriculture sector, farming done under the supervision of agricultural scientists gives very good production. At the same time, it helps farmers to avoid a big loss. The farmers asked Dr. Nirmal Chandra ji about how to get good yield of Rabi crops. In reply, he said that the best production of any crop requires timely irrigation, adequate amount of fertilizers, excellent and suitable variety of seeds and suitable soil and climate. If the farmers take care of these things and cultivate under the guidance of agricultural scientists, then they get a lot of benefit.

Krishan Pathak, founder of Edbird Media and Merikheti, told the farmers of Gram Panchayat Hasanpur that the purpose of Merikheti Kisan Panchayat is only to make the farmers here aware. He told the farmers that there is a special need for awareness as well as organization among the farmer brothers today. If you want to achieve good value of your crop and get good seeds, then you need to form an FPO. He told the farmer brothers of Gram Panchayat Hasanpur that I will also help you in the formation of your FPO. In this episode, Pathak ji said that this Merikheti Kisan Panchayat is organized selflessly. Our company does not sell any product, nor do we promote any item or product. The only purpose of our Kisan Panchayat is the welfare of farmers.

In this Kisan Panchayat of Merikheti, Dilip Yadav, the editor of Merikheti, said that nothing will change unless the farmer brother wants to do something on his own. We will work to be your voice. If you will have any problem related to the agricultural sector. In this Kisan Panchayat, Gram Panchayat Hasanpur and well-known progressive and zamindar farmers of the area were present.