HD 2967 Wheat Variety in English: This variety of wheat can provide great yields to farmers

By: Merikheti
Published on: 20-Dec-2023

For your information, in the modern era, you want to sow those species of wheat, in which the immunity is high. Generally, there is a high risk of yellow rust disease in the wheat crop, which does not provide great yield of wheat. In such a situation, farmers are sowing HD 2967 varieties of wheat. This variety is generally sown in every state of India. However, farmers of Haryana like this variety more. After sowing this type, you do not have to spend the pesticide. According to farmers, in the modern era, they want to sow the species of wheat, in which the immunity is quite high. Generally there is hope of yellow rust disease in the wheat crop, due to which the best yield of wheat is not available.

2967 Wheat Variety Details

Agricultural experts say that it is an early species, whose sowing causes very less diseases in the crop. Along with this, the yield of wheat is also great. Because of this, most farmers sow HD 2967 varieties of wheat.

This variety has the best ability to fight yellow rutu disease. This is a disease used in wheat crops, which ruins the crop more than half. If this disease is not prevented on time, then it also engulfs the adjacent plants. In such a situation, most farmers sow HD 2967.

2967 Wheat Sowing Time?

HD 2967 Variety Sowing is an early variety of wheat, 2967 wheat sowing time is from 1 to 15 November. If you have not sown in time, it can affect the production of wheat.

HD 2967 variety yields and tuda

Sowing of wheat HD 2967 variety is up to average production of 50.1 quintals per hectare and yielding capacity of 66.1 quintals per hectare. Wheat HD 2967 variety tuda becomes quite spectacular. This type of growth is more, due to which one acre crop gets more than the rest of the varieties. The tuda is used as dry fodder. Farmers can also sell tuda. It sells much more expensively.