Farmers are making profits worth lakhs with this amazing method of sowing bitter gourd.

Published on: 22-Feb-2024

Farmers are making profits worth lakhs with this amazing method of sowing bitter gourd.

Nowadays, a lot of modernization has been seen in every field. Bitter gourd cultivation can prove to be very effective in increasing the income of farmers. In fact, those who are earning a handsome income of Rs 20 to 25 lakh every year from bitter gourd cultivation. The successful farmer we are talking about is Jitendra Singh, a young farmer from Mahua village of Sarsaul block of Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. He has been cultivating improved varieties of bitter gourd in his field for the last 4 years. 

According to farmer Jitendra Singh, earlier the farmers of his area are not able to protect and defend their crops due to stray and wild animals. Because, whatever crops the farmers cultivated in their fields, animals used to eat them. In such a situation, young farmer Jintendra Singh thought of cultivating bitter gourd in his field. Because, bitter gourd is very bitter to eat, due to which animals do not eat it.

Some special things related to bitter gourd cultivation are as follows:

To get good profits from Bitter Gourd Cultivation, farmers should cultivate it in Zaid and Kharif seasons. Also, sandy loam or loamy soil is considered suitable for its cultivation. 

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Farmers can do the sowing of Bitter Gourd in two easy ways. Firstly, farmers can sow bitter gourd directly through seeds and secondly through the nursery method. If you cultivate bitter gourd (Karele ki kheti) on the land on the banks of rivers, then you can get good yield of bitter gourd.

Improved varieties of bitter gourd are as follows

To get good yield from bitter gourd cultivation, farmers should plant improved varieties of bitter gourd in their fields. Although, different varieties of bitter gourd are available in the market. But, today we will tell about some special varieties, such as - Hisar Selection, Coimbatore Clove, Arka Harit, Pusa Hybrid-2, Pusa Aushadhi, Pusa Do Moushim, Punjab Bitter Gourd-1, Punjab-14, Solan Green and Solan White. , Priya Ko-1, SDU-1, Kalyanpur Sona, Pusa Shankar-1, Kalyanpur Perennial, Kashi Suphal, Kashi Urvashi Pusa Special etc. are the improved varieties of bitter gourd. 

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By which method is the farmer cultivating bitter gourd?

Young farmer Jitendra Singh cultivates bitter gourd in his field using 'scaffolding method'. Due to this they get much higher production. The bitter gourd plant is made a scaffold and mounted on it, due to which the vine continues to grow and spreads on the wires of the scaffold. He told that he used wire and wood or bamboo to make scaffolding in the field. This scaffold is quite high. One can pass through it very easily during harvesting. The more the bitter gourd vines spread, the greater the yield. They can produce up to 50 quintals of produce from one bigha of land. He says that making scaffolding neither causes rot in the bitter gourd plant nor does it harm the vines.

How much income can be earned from bitter gourd cultivation?

To get good production from bitter gourd cultivation, the farmer should cultivate its improved varieties. As mentioned above, young farmer Jitendra Singh earlier used to cultivate pumpkin, gourd and chilli in his field, which was badly damaged by stray animals. Therefore he has decided to cultivate bitter gourd. At the same time, today farmer Jitendra is cultivating bitter gourd in 15 acres and is earning huge profits. According to Jitendra, his bitter gourd is generally easily sold at the price of Rs 20 to Rs 25 per kg. Also, many times bitter gourd is sold for Rs 30 per kg. Most of the traders buy bitter gourd from the farm itself. 

He also told that in one acre of field, seeds, fertilizers, preparation of scaffolding along with other works cost Rs 40 thousand. At the same time, they can easily earn an income of Rs 1.5 lakh from this. Jitendra Singh does farming in about 15 acres. In such a situation, if the calculations are done, then he earns about Rs 15-20 lakh from bitter gourd cultivation in one season.